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Thread: Do any of the EPIA boards support "widescreen" yet?

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    Do any of the EPIA boards support "widescreen" yet?

    I haven't been active here for a while, and since the Toyota dealership somehow managed to make my perfectly working carputer die, I am coming back to do some research for my new and improved setup.

    I already have a 7" VGA with touch I want to use this time around, but know that my older EPIA 600 mhz boards onboard vga was not capapble of the 840x whatever native "widescreen" resolution.

    So I was wondering do any of the newer EPIA/ITX boards support the widescreen resolutions yet?

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    2002 Toyota Tacoma Doublecab

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    Resolution is typically a BIOS issue. I can't speak for other boards, but the SP13000 can do 800x480 with the proper BIOS. I had to flash mine, but they might come from the factory with the latest BIOS now.

    But before you toss your current board, you really ought to see if it powers up from a desktop power supply, and if it does, flash it with the most recent BIOS. You might just be pleasantly surprised to find that not only does your mobo work after all but already supports widescreen displays.


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