What system temperature (SYStemp with hwdoctor) do you have with your DFI G5M100-N mobo? Where is this sensor located?

I find my system temperatur to be high, 46-50 Cels, and is sometimes trigging the alarm. I'm using the Travla C138 case with 3 fans and the temperature inside feels ok. My CPU temp is 35-42 cels.

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My setup:
DFI G5M100-N
OPUS 120
P-M 1.8Ghz
1 GB RAM (2x512)
Samsung SpinPoint M40 80GB 2,5"
Terratec Cingery 600
Creative Audigy2 NX USB
Panasonic UJ-845 Slotload CDRW/DVD+/-RW/RAM Multi Drive

Anyone been able to find updated Bios update/drivers for this mobo? Could not find any at www.dfi.com.