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Thread: where to put Phidgets temp sensors?

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    where to put Phidgets temp sensors?

    hey guys quick question
    im trying to figure out where people put the Phidgets temp sensors(the pcb board itself(so dont answer in the car!!!)) how do you mount it? did you need to watterproof it? any pics of how you have done this would be great and any ideas!
    thanx in advance

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    I was just searching for the same info.

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    It depends what temp you are trying to measure, if it is outside temp, then it would better to have it waterproof, and mount it anywhere outside your car. The front bumper seems to be a good location. I am thinking of getting one of these anclosure
    and put the sensor inside after drilling couple of holes to let the air in.
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    What are you guys using them for?
    Is there any FAQ for Phidgets?
    Can they control a fan based on temp?
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