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Thread: Connection to the head unit

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    Question Connection to the head unit

    I know this is a stupid question but can someone tell me how i would connect up a sound card to the back of my car's head unit (sony cdx-ca850)?



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    There are two ways you could do it.

    1: You can use the CD changer input. Sony might make an adapter. Someone else may have already done it as I havn't.

    2: Get a FM modulator. It connects between your head unit and antenna and allows you to input audio through your FM radio. Many people will tell you not to go this route because it degrades the sound sometimes. I personally went this route and it sounds great to me, since it doesn't transmit the signal through the air it is better quality than a normal FM station (IMHO). M.A.V.I.C. System
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    There are various ways of doing this as regards attaching it to the back of your head unit.

    1. You can use an FM modulator (Plugs into your arial socket, and enables you to set a frequency to tune into to hear the sound)

    2. You can use the Aux. input on your head unit (If it has one)

    3. You can use an Aux. input adapter (dont know what is available for the sony models but, for mine, Poineer KEH uses the CD-RB20 adapter -- Sony will have some equivilant piece of hardware.

    4. You can run the input into an amplifier and bypass the Head unit all together.

    To get the Output out of your sound card you use the same plg as you would use for connecting to your speakers!! this can be done using (I think it is called) a Rca plug adapter, which outputs to two plugs (Red and white) which can then be plugged into one of the above mentioned solutions!

    Hope this helps,

    Good luck!
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