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Thread: help with loading win xp on intel 865glc board!

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    Angry help with loading win xp on intel 865glc board!

    Im having problems loading my carcpu with win xp. I keep getting a message saying, insert boot media in boot device. all the hardware is new in the cpu, it powers up fine and I change the bios so that it boots up from the panasonic
    cd/dvd-r external drive by usb connection. I dont have an internal cd-rom drive to load from or a floopy drive. the the harddrive is in disable so it can boot from the cd/dvd drive. Is it posible to boot from this external drive w/o
    an os? and every time I try to load win xp disc, it keeps giving me the same message. Im using an intel d865glc micro-atx motherboard. the only thing internal on the cpu is the harddrive. do i need driver to make the cd/dvd load the os? any help please, im about to pull out my hair!

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    Personally I would connect an internal IDE CD drive just temporarily to load up Windows.

    Also, I would not recommend disable booting from the hard drive, as this can cause problems once the OS is partially installed and needs to boot from the drive to continue setup.

    Typically, I set my boot order to CD, A (if you have a floppy) and then HDD

    I don't know about your bios, many new boards support booting from USB. Is it a new, blank hard drive? It may be detecting something on the drive regardless and attempting to boot from it.

    Also, check to make sure that you can actually boot from that CD on another computer. I have come across some discs that for whatever reason won't boot properly.

    But again, the best thing to do would be to connect an internal drive to load from.

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