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Thread: Help and advice with my new setup

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    Help and advice with my new setup

    Hello all this is an excellent forum

    I need some advice with what to do for my setup

    I have a Mercedes E class

    I want to use a 3 screen system
    With one 7” touch screen in the centre consol and 2 screens in the read headrests

    I have some spare laptops from my company( 800 MHZ company’s units with DVD )

    I need advice as I want the front screen to be for my personal use with Sat nav ,MP3’s video ,TV. Internet

    And I want the rear screens to be for the kids and to work off a separate Laptop.
    But with all the same functions as above

    Can I get internet as an old tenant of mine used his mobile phone then connects to his laptop who are the best people to use and how much will this be .

    How can I get on board internet??

    Who can supply all the parts keyboards ETC??
    Who can fir the screens to the headrests??

    Do the T.v licence people have an issue with me using the TVs in the car ??

    How can I control the rear screens and what function they are doing from the drivers separate computer??

    How much should this cost ???

    How can I power the 2 Laptops ??

    Thanks and sorry for all the questions

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    you need to search for "cingular internet". it's one of the ways to get wireless inetrnet

    tv antennas in the car don't get the best reception while moving. few people have got this to work.

    since you have the computers, the main cost will be the screens. and you can buy screens already installed in headrests

    you can power 12 laptops if you want. read the FAQ's on power supplies

    better yet, read these threads

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    thanks for the info

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