Hey all,

I've been lurking here for a while, and only now found it necessary to post a question(everything else was found through searching). I am ready to buy a motherboard for my carputer setup. I've got pretty much everything else, but a mainboard, and ram.

I happen to have a stick of 1gb high density(128x4) ddr266 ram sitting around. I can't seem to find any data that shows whether any of the Via Epia boards support high density memory.

The last post that mentioned high density memory on this board was from almost a year ago, and I can't find much info at Viaarena, or Epiacenter. The only thing I found was that the new sp1300 was working with HD ram on someone's setup, but that board is a bit expensive for my needs.

Does anyone have any knowledge on compatibility of high density ram on mini-itx form boards?

Thanks for any input,