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Thread: Intel 915GM Chipset - Is 800x480 possible?

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    Question Intel 915GM Chipset - Is 800x480 possible?

    Hello everyone -

    While looking at the Pioneer AVIC units, I stumbled onto this forum. Thanks to many of the posts on here, and my imagination, I've opted for a carPC. I'm not new to computers or car audio, so (with a bit of help) I should be able to get off the ground quickly.

    After reading through many of the posts during the last week or so, I think I'm going with an AOpen Pandora (Pent M) setup. I also think the Xenarc 7" TSV will fit in my car and look the most stock.

    The problem, however, is that many members are having trouble with making that chipset (Intel 915GM) display 800x480. As I see it, my options are (1) deal with a slightly distorted resolution, (2) drop the Pandora idea (not really an option, the case is perfect for my car), or (3) well, thats where you guys come in. (A led me to believe that it is not a video card problem, so as of now, I plan to stick with the integrated video)

    Is there a 3rd option? Anyway to make this chipset display that resolution? There is some sort of software that has been thrown around as an idea, but I don't think anyone has been able to make it work. As I said, I've built many computers before, but never had to try and configure a custom resolution.

    Any help is appreciated - Thanks.

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