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Thread: Can we get this ipod control by alpine emulated at all ?

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    Can we get this ipod control by alpine emulated at all ?

    I was browsing around and found this awesome alpine control for the ipod
    Now I know we have our 20GB / 40 GB HDD in our cars but many of us have an ipod as well and I would dearly like to use my ipod in my car through my car pc in this manner.

    check out the alpine Website

    maybe this exists already and I dont know, but a search on ipods was too jumbled and "fullspeed" popped up with nothing !

    Come on Guino, David and Frodo lets get this ipod to good use !
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    i tried this alpine system out in the shop when i was going to buy it.

    It was slow, crap and definatly not worth the £300, maybe the higher models were better. Anyway i decided it was a crap waste of money and then come across car pcs as a superior alternative!

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