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Thread: Continuous long beeps from mobo only on cold mornings...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sama
    hey jackboot, try to run the supply in dumb-psu mode. see if that helps.
    Thanks for the response I've also tried the motherboard in dumb-psu mode with the same behaviour...I've also powered the M2-ATX's inputs with the 12V rail on a regular AC ATX PSU with the same behaviour so input voltage and current is ruled out too...

    I got an email from Ituner tech support today and they told me that the 3 beeps (post message) was a "keyboard card error" and to replace my keyboard. Yikes. That may be true if I was using an IBM BIOS from like 1980 when we actually used keyboard cards, but I am using an Intel BIOS (which I told them) and it is 2006.

    I think after reading some more that the problem may be a timing issue in the M2-ATX...

    Any other thoughts? Does the M2-ATX just suck?

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    my first m2 sucked. this one pumps (a lot of juice)

    did I mention I'm powering a 2.8GHz P4 chip with bluetooth, wifi, 2.5" h/d and a keyboard with no glitches?

    I've been more than happy with the replacement. so you may need a new one. it's just unfortunate that the first batch was poo!

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