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Thread: MII12000 vs SP13000

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    MII12000 vs SP13000

    I had the Via Epia MII12000 and now I have the new SP13000. I just wanted to point out the differences I have found until now. I have been using the SP13000 for about a month now. First the SP13000 is a bit faster, noticeably. It can handle many open programs a bit better than my old MII12000. The graphic accelerator is a bit more powerful, I do see the difference in 2D and 3D rendering in Google Earth for instance. The SATA drive does provide a faster HD connection. BUT, It takes longer to boot. I mean the post boot test takes about 5-8 seconds more than the MII12000. This is with the fastest possible settings I could configure in both systems. When it starts loading windows it is faster thought, the new 7200rpm sata drive makes a difference! Also the SP13000 does not work in low temperatures! I failed to start when I left my car outside for a long time. It was around 20 degrees and inside the car should be around 25-28. The computer refused to start before its temp was around 30. My MII12000 has worked many times with 15 degrees with no problems. That kind of disappointed me but I am lucky since I rarely leave my car outside for a long time.

    Well these are my findings until now. Anyone has anything to add, comment or ask?
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    my sp13000 works fine at temps below 30 degrees.

    the sp13000 is definetely an improvement over the m10000 but nothing to get excited about....

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