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Thread: Seagate Rolls out Wireless USB Drive

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    Seagate Rolls out Wireless USB Drive

    Tuesday March 7, 2006 8:20 PM EST - By: Melanie Tan

    It's raining hard drives from Seagate folks.

    At the upcoming Intel Developer Forum in the United States, Seagate is all set to launch not one or two, but four different types of hard drives. Let' get to it shall we?

    The Wireless USB Portable External Hard Drive is a 2.5-inch portable hard drive that features a wireless USB connection. As such, the device can distinguish a PC featured with wireless USB chipsets for easy backups and downloads.

    Three new hard drives under the Momentus line are also set to be launched.

    The Momentus 7200.1 100GB SATA Hard Drive is a compact 2.5-inch form-factor for laptops. And small though it may be, it offers users 100GB of storage. Furthermore, at 7200 RPMs, it is fast enough to cater to hardcore gamers.

    If you're not much of a gamer but do worry about the security of your notebooks, then the Momentus 5400 FDE is for you. It features the Wave Systems' Trusted Device Manager, which is a collection security tools that provide users advanced security features.

    And for those who carry high-capacity laptops and tablet PCs, Seagate offers the Momentus 5400.3 series. It is touted as the 'world's first drive to incorporate perpendicular recording technology', providing users with 132Gbits per square inch

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    WUSB is going to make installs SOOOOOOO much easier.

    That 7200 spin 2.5 would be nice to, wonder what the power consumption will be like.
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    Seagate doesn't launch Wireless USB drives

    From engadget

    Update: Seagate phoned in to let us know that no, they're not in fact launching products, they just decided to issue a press release today outlining the many devices they've got on demo -- but are not launching -- at IDF. Ok, got it, thanks guys.

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