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Thread: Carputer confusion- n00b needing help

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    Carputer confusion- n00b needing help

    I have thought about putting a carputer in my Landcrusier, well I started reading about them and that is where the confusion began. My main concern is that I will buy the incompatible items or that they will not do what I want them to do. I have done some research and even tried to call the few places out there that sell the items and no one has returned the calls or emails. One problem is that I am in Australia and all the car and audio installation people are asking for wiring diagrams. I would do this myself but I have NO IDEA how to wire things to my car, I prefer to have a professional do it. As far as building the computer I have no problems as I built my home computer myself, so that is not an issue it's just connecting it CORRECTLY to my SUV.

    Now for the main issues: I want Sat Nav, Wireless internet connection (@hotspots), possibly to start my carputer when I turn the alarm off and turn it off when I turn the alarm on (I have read that if you don't get complete power disconnection you can have a dead battery). I would like to play my iTunes through the carputer and dvd's along with some other programs possibly.

    Now as far as the carputer itself I am totally open to all possibilities but I have been told the power supply is very important. The screen I have been looking at is a Lilliput double din touch screen ( as this would replace my standard radio )

    I am concerned because I am not able to get a reply from any retailers that if I order online I may not receive my order than I lose that money and I can't talk to them so I have no recourse. I would also like ot know if it is possible to run bluetooth through a carputer for my phone.

    Thanks for the help.

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    search the FAQ

    here take a look around this and will be your best friend

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    yup, search the faq's and also mimic others systems. they've done it and it works for why take the time to figure out the same thing they already figured out?

    you can do all the sutff you asked (some you wouldnt want to do..i.e. Itunes because it's nto touch screen friendly but thats why there are a ton of front ends that makes it easy to navigate through song, nav, xm, videos etc.)

    power supply is important, for your first computer i'd consider going the m2atx and via epia route...very stable and low power consumption. Thats what i'm using (well i have an m1atx) and i couldn't be happier

    check out the "show off your project" section and see what you like and go from there

    oh yeah, and welcome to the hobby and forum!
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