Strange thing happening with my new carputer (2.0). I can be listening to music in Centrafuse and everything is fine, then all the sudden the music stops (no volume)

I exit out of centrafuse, try to play something in winamp, nothing. The only way to get my sound back is to manually turn up or down the windows sound fader. Thats it. If you touch that fader for the volume, even a touch, the sound comes back.

Very strange to say the least. If the sound goes out in centrafuse and i dont mess with the fader, it is fixed the next time it comes out of hibernation. It also seems like the volume slider keeps lowering itself, as I will pull it to the max, and when I exit CF, its close to the bottom (but not low enough where I wouldnt hear anything)

any ideas? I guess uninstall and reinstalling the driver might help (its a onboard soundmax chipset)