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Thread: I think I fried the lcd controller on my pcm-5862

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    I think I fried the lcd controller on my pcm-5862

    Well, I was hooking my lcd backup and I hooked it up backwards and there was some smoke and I was all crap. SO, I thought I fried my lcd cable.... I bought two more cables and neither worked.... is it possible I fried this thing??
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    These boards are really fragile - I remember MP3Ford had the video die on this (thread ).
    Do you have access to another LCD to check if the controller of the screen is gone? If it's the controller, you can try re-flashing the BIOS, but if you got smoke then it dosen't look promising. If the controller is gone, then I've noticed lately that you can get these SBCs for cheap on E-Bay (here's one going for $60 ).
    It's too bad these things have so many problems - the small size and LCD controller make them great for in-car use. I've removed mine from the car as I couldn't get acceptable performance from it, even once I upgraded to 128MB RAM. It's now functioning as a Linux server, and it's great in that capacity.


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