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Thread: Plug issues on new install.

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    Plug issues on new install.

    My Install is a MiniITX SP13000 mb in a travla c158 case and my vehicle is a brand new 2006 Honda Odyssey LX.

    Ive removedthe radio, and it has two plugs going into it,
    The first is probably the power as it has only 2 wires.
    The second is a 20 pin plug with 13 wires in it. Im assuming this is some sort of standard plug with speaker and areal wires into it.

    My question is:................. (well 3 questions)

    1.Can I get some sort of female plug / breakout box for this with plugs that would go into my Travla Case system.

    2. do I need an amp in between,

    Anyone got any links where I can get it .

    I have everything else, a lilliput 8inch screen , power supply is in the travla, and a tom of cables.

    thanks in advance

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    It is good that you are willing to do the install, I would have suggested a bit more planning.

    Aftermarket wire harnesess are available. Try

    As far as what wires are what, look for a diagram on the Head Unit (HU) or search the web for your car.

    Or post a pic here to get some of the wires IDed.
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    more planning uder way.

    A trip to bestbuy got us a female connector (breakout box thing) with labling on the wires.

    We did a practice run and are now able to remove the oem head unit and replace iit in a few minutes. The head unit mus have an integrated amp in it.

    A trip to radio shack got me to 18guage wire for running power and a reel of speaker wire for running from the breakout plug to my computers location.

    Now Im investigating the big Amp / no amp question.
    My VIA sp13000 board has "smart 5.1" sound and being no audiophile Im only looking for a basic sound output for radio and listening to mp3s and dvd's.

    It looks like most people are putting in high power amps more powerufl than whay Im looking for.

    Are you using an amp ?

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