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Thread: Powering up a laptop remotely

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    Powering up a laptop remotely

    Anyone know how to power up a laptop remotely? I am about to buy a Sony VAIO notebook with a port replicator for the car but I am not sure of the best way to power it up. The docking station aka port replicator will be mounted in the trunk. I was planning to take apart the laptop and solder a two-wire lead parallel with the power switch and run that to the dash and use a momentary push-button to start the laptop but if anyone has an easier method I would sure like to know about it Thanks in advance!

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    I havn't had too much to do with laptops, but I wonder if there is a setting in the cmos that makes it power up when a charger of some sort it plugged in. If not, then your on the right track, un running a couple of wires up to the from, paralell to the switch.

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    Try Destin's site. He has a mac laptop, but he did resolve that problem.


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