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Thread: buzzing noise help plz getting desperate

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    Unhappy buzzing noise help plz getting desperate

    here's the list of things i got together

    Sony CDX-MP80 head unit with AUX In

    Dell 1ghz desktop PC with SB Live Platinum sound card
    and 17" Invision LCD monitor (temp solution till i can get something that actually fits)

    i got a cheap power inverter from ebay for my birthday so i had little choice in what i got.

    this is the steps i've taken from searching the forums for similar problems.

    Originally set up:
    the computer in the trunk and hooked up the power inverter using the power cables that were left over from when my sound system got stollen not exactly sure about the gauge but they are rockford and rather thick...the positive leads comes from the battery positive terminal and the negative lead is grounded in the trunk. Using RCA to head phone jack converter with an extension cable to the sound card. made the buzzing noise in the speaker..
    it's constant and over powers any sound comming out of the computer.

    I tried the same set up but hooking up the computer outside and connecting it directly to the battery still made the noise

    tried skipping the extension cable on the head phone jack..still made the noise..

    tried regrounding the head unit..still made the noise..

    actually it makes the noise even if the computer is not turned on as long as it is pluged into the inverter connected straight to the battery using short cables.

    currently don't have head phones to check that.

    the plug works fine when connected to XM, or mp3 players or even a laptop.

    finally, if i touch the tip of the head phones jack comming outta the head unit it makes an even louder buzzing noise.

    any more ideas i could try?

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    If it's like "motor noise"

    If it's anything like motor noise, where you press on the accelerator pedal and notice the sound increases and decreases when you let off then the remedy I have been using on installs is a "ground loop isolator". I buy them from Wal-Mart, but I am sure you can pick it up at other places. It has always been the fix for me.

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    ill get that just to try, but it's a constant noise never increases or decreases

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    look inside your rca to headphone jack converter. Does it have one or two tabs that touch the rca cable? is it silver/gold plated? Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    not sure what u mean by tabs, but it is gold plated

    that's the one i have, if it helps

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    I have the same cable and the same problem...gets on my nerves. Someone help us out!

    I even went and bought a nicer looking Belkin cable and it does it too. I am using the onboard Sound card on the Compaq Evo d510 sff PC I am using.

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    check to see if you are running your audio cables too close to your power cables. If they are too close... the power wires electromagnetic field will cause interference in the audio signal going through the audio calbes.

    a good rule of thumb that i use whenever i install anything into the car is to have the audio cables running along hte opposide side of the car as the power wires.
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