It's more than likely a driver problem...but, has anyone else had any issue with hibernation when using an CD/DVD-ROM with one of those IDE to USB adapters?

Have an internal DVD drive in the car and when using it with an IDE-USB adapter I have I always get a blue screen when coming out of hibernation and end up having to completely restart. Went back to using it with an IDE cable and just have it on top of the case under the passenger's seat and it's works fine. Have tried looking at driver issues but it's a "generic" sort of adapter (that could be the problem though) and there's no real support or other drivers I could use.

Anyone else have this problem before? Or are you using a certain brand adapter that's playing nice with window's hibernation?

Will have to look at the brand of the adapter when I get a chance, but other than that just using Windows XP SP2 with a VIA PD1gig Mobo here.