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Thread: LCD Laws!?

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    Post LCD Laws!?

    I got a Parts Express 5" lcd and was looking to put it in front of the rearview mirror. I can see everything but like 1/2" to 1" out of the top of the mirror. If a cop pulls me over will i get a ticket? I live in Illinois and im sure this is different for every state, but i just curious. Ive looked around and am having a hard time finding info.
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    Most likely depending on the time and place, you might. I have mine mounted directly above the mirror. I have gotten one cuz when i went to some street racing thing, cops were ****ed of that night cuz some dude got killed the last time and there were out in full force. Anyway to make a long story short, it was 2:00am in the morning and there were chasing and looking for excuse to write someone up. As soon as i decided to leave, the blue and red lights came on. This is where i went wrong. Cop asked.....Sir is that a TV screen up there. I responded yes, but it not exactly a TV....blah blah..... He almost didn't give me the ticket but since i had no excuse being there that night and he already called it in, he gave me a $40 ticket. About a month later, i was in DC picking up one of my friends so we can go to the track. I sported the cop hiding in some corner, just waiting for someone to speed and blue lights came on.... Cops question. Are you from the DC area....what a stupid question, my plates should have told that bone head NO. Anyway, sir, is that a TV.... and i responded, No, it is a GPS and Audio and Car Diagnostic device...oh, but in the state of DC/MD, it is illegal to have any type device in the drivers viewing area (or some crap like that). Yes i know, but i really can't see it....blah blah. Took my license, when back to his cruiser...came back gave it back to me and then proceeded to ask me more about the system....boy was i laughing real hard inside. Anyway, he didn't give me no ticket cuz it wasn't a TV, there was no movie or TV station on at that time.

    Quite a few times i have seen county police and even state troopers pull up behind me or at the side trying to figure out what it is. They prolly thought it is a GPS system. Some have actually during a red light ask me how much it cost me to have that install and what it is.

    So to make a long story short, when asked the question, is it a TV. You better not say yes cuz that will now give them the excuse to write u up. First off, they did not see any movie or TV station. And make sure u mention it is a GPS or Mp3 system. One other thing, which ever app u are using, i hope it has the ability to switch between GPS/mp3 really quick, this way, if they want proof, you can toogle back and forth. This was something i added to cobra. I might even add a fake GPS screen for ppl that want that. I hope i didn't bore anyone with this long novel


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    I was cruis'n down the highway listening to MP3's, my 4" parts Express Screen is mounted to the Dash. I Was doing about 5 over, cause I saw a cop cloing fast in the other lane (he had somewhere to go).. As he starts to get past me he slows down in a hurry, and stays on my rear quarter panel for just about 2 minutes, then continued on his way.

    Originally posted by cenwesi:
    Here are some other interesting things. I have had other police and event state troopers guys pull up behind me or at the side trying to figure out what it is. Their first impression is that it is a GPS system. Some have actually during a red light ask me how much it cost me to have that install and what it is.
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    Some type of GPS fake screen would be perfect. I don't quite have my gps system yet and I'm extremely copaphobic. Some type of exe program that goes full screen.



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