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Thread: Searching for carpet mount device?

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    Searching for carpet mount device?

    I need to mount my XM radio box under the passenger seat. I'm guessing its about 4 or 5 inches square. It won't take much to hold it. Has anyone ever seen anything where you would have a couple of long pins that would push into and under the carpet and pad, with perhaps a flat plate on the other end where I could stick some 2-sided tape? I think I have seen something along those lines which is used to hold floor mats in place.

    I know I could make something but if there is already a solution that I could pick up at Pep Boyz, or some local place, I'd prefer not to reinvent the wheel.

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    Well depending on what type of carpet you have, you could use some extra-strength velcro, just the scratchy side, and put a stripe or two of it down the bottom of the box...

    Other than that, another thing you could probably use is headliner tacks. They are screw styled tacks that are used to hold the ceiling up on a car when it sags (on older cars). You can "screw" that into the carpet, and it should hold fine.

    I'd suggest the velcro solution first.
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