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Thread: can I use an amplifier for rca input??

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    Question can I use an amplifier for rca input??

    Hello, on my volvo s60 there is no way to get an rca input to the tape the only way is to put a changer on it(I don't like changers) and use it's cable for an input the problem is the changer costs more than 3 times more than any sony, kenwood etc. changers. I can't buy a diffrent deck cause it's in custome size and plus the people at volvo told me that it's connected with a computer and it will do alot of problems if I'll take it out- maybe that's true or they just don't know either way I'm stuck with it. I know there is a way to simply connect to every cable that goes from the tape to the speakers an rca head and than connect it to an amplifier through it's rca input and than back to the speaker after it's amplified my Q is can I connect my mp3 player as well to a rca input on the amplifier? will the sound be controlled through the tape?(it goes from the tape to the amp)is it possible?

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    From what i can comprehend from your post, you want to know if you can plug your mp3player + an rca input into your amp. Amps have RCA inputs on them, simply plug the mp3player into these, then u dont need AUX/RCA inputs. If u did need another input (for a discman or something) you can use a RCA switch box to select the source you wish to hear.

    and as to the second part, if you plug any thing straight into the anp, the tape deck will not control volume, u'll either have to control volume using the soundcard (software control) or make an external volume control (read the thread in Hardware Discussions relating to volume control) or use a pre-amp.

    hope that answers your question

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