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Thread: Which amp should i get?

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    Which amp should i get?

    I am looking to run my sound-out to an amp instead of the head unit. I like my stock sound system, but I have to delete the headunit in order to fit some eqipment into the dash.

    I would like to get an amp (preamp too?), that does not qualify as a performance amp. I just want something that is going to sound as good as, or just a tad better than my stock, premium, sound system. I have called severl shops around town, and they want to sell me 300 watt amps, and I try to tell them I want somthing like 50-60 (again, i think). What brand / grade amp can anyone reccomend? I would like 4-5 channel input too... no need for subs.

    Also, i see a pre-amp might be a good idea for snd -> amp setups. Anyone reccomend a brand / model pre-amp?


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    Re: Which amp should i get?

    anything brand name would be a good start, JL Audio, Clarion, Phillips, Kicker, etc,etc...

    I have had my Clarion amp for years..... great stuff..

    I needed to run a pre-amp due to impedience problems between my sound card on the PC and the clarion amp. I just bought a Jaycar pre-amp with 5channel EQ. Jaycar being a local electronics brand in Australia.. works a treat...

    also be wary of AMP raitings espically on cheaper branded models. 300W PMPO is ALOT different to 300W RMS!!
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    I would suggest Alpine amps, I love mine, I have a 5 channel 12V series from them and can't say enough about it. It runs at full capacity at 12V so it doesn't tax your electrical system in the least, if you just looking to run the four doors I would suggest a:
    can probably pick one up on ebay for around $200. Good luck



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