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Thread: software to sync hard drives

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    software to sync hard drives

    does anyone know of any software that will compare the data on two local hard drives and update them For instance hard drive A that has been modified over the course of a week (mp3s added on my server drive), and a second hard drive , hard drive B (that will be placed in my server via HD caddy once a week to sync files). I do not want to do this wirelessly/over a network/etc , I want to do it locally. Id like the software to be automated, so that I can just set it to run every friday at 4am lets say (assuming I remember to plug the HD in every friday afternoon). Thanks for the help!

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    At one time I used a CMD script and XCOPY to update remote drives, driven by cron. You might be able to cobble up a similar solution to to run at a preset time to sync your network storage. Juat copied files over that had been updated (via checking the archive flag on the files) and resetting the flag when complete.

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    I've been using Microsoft's newly released Syntoy program for a little while now and I really like it. Pretty simple, can configure it only do certain files and subdirectories, and can use scheduled tasks to run it.... and it's free. Currently use it to sync files (mp3's, my documents, bookmarks, etc..) from laptop to a USB HD.

    I also have a program called GoodSync but haven't played with it yet so I can't comment on it.
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    there is a ms app called robocopy that you can download with one of the resource kits, which is kind of tailor made for something like this.

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    Hey - just wondering if you checked out the EZSync software available and developed here in the MP3Car forums. They just came out with a new version, I haven't had time to test it out - but it should do what you're talking about, and it's free!

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