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Thread: Motherboards and LCD's

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    Question Motherboards and LCD's

    I am starting to put together a car based mp3 player. I've seen the *****in biscuit boards for sale... too damned expensive for my taste. I've got questions about all-in-one MICRO ATX boards. Who makes an all-in-one that has AUD/VID/LAN and support for an LCD? Does the sound chip on an all in one board sound ****ty compared to a dedicated SD LIVE card when connected to a car stereo? My next question is about LCDs... I want to run a 10" LCD for my application. If I get a board that has NTSC output, can I run any NTSC LCD with it? If I just get a TFT with a ready to operate adapter dealy, what is the maximum distance I can have my TFT from my motherboard? I've been told from a foot to as much as a hundred feet... TFT & NTSC have got me all confused. Any help or guidance is appreciated.

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    As far as the LCDs are concerened, if you get an LCD monitor that has NTSC inputs, it means that it has all the processing electronics necessary to create an image from any NTSC output. If you can find it, I would strongly recommend using S-Video connections. The general rule of thumb is that you can run NTSC video 100' before it needs to be amplified. TFT refers to the type of LCD, and has more to due with color reporduction and viewing angles than it does signal compatibility.


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