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    Sup Gents!!!??
    Nick here and although im broke as ****, I should be back on top again real soon. I recently added a 1.5 inch lift to my grand cherokee and 30" bfg's and once that stuff is paid off im going to start my screen project. Im flush mounting it in dash and Im going to need to make some custom pieces. I was talking to a friend of mine and he said that i could simply make the mold out of bondo and then pour fiberglass into the bondo. After the fiberglass dries he said you can just break the bondo apart and the fiberglass is suposedly very smooth just like plastic. Any every tried this??? Thanks for any help guys, later!

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    Good Thinking SlickNick!!!!

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    Stuff like that is a fine art. Its going to be a lot harder than you think when you try it. I built fiberglass enclosures to house 8 inch woffers in the kickpanel area of my old cavalier. They came out pretty damn ugly and the left one didnt look anything like the right one, but they worked.

    If you attempt this buy extra supplies becouse your going to screw up the first few tries.

    Read carfully about how much hardener to put in the bondo and the fiberglass. If you dont put enough hardner in the bondo or fiberglass you will have to wait days before it dries, if it dries at all.

    To much hardner in the bondo and it will dry before your ready, you might have 5 minutes if you mix it right, less if you put in to much hardner.

    To much hardner in the fiberglass and the glass will get so hot it will start to smoke and burn (dont worry, no actual flames). I am pretty sure that if this happens the glass will dry limp and useless. (did that once)

    When you apply the bondo get it as smooth and as close to the way you want it BEFORE it dries. Its a ***** to sand when you have huge globs and lines everywhere. Its better to put on to little, sand, and apply a second coat espiacially on small parts.

    Also when sanding or grinding the fiberglass wear respratory protection. Fiberglass is bad stuff, you could get cancer from it.

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