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Thread: Corolla Head Up (w58802) Cd Pin Out, What do all these pins do?

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    Corolla Head Up (w58802) Cd Pin Out, What do all these pins do?

    Hi to all and greedings from Athens Greece.

    I hope this is the right place to post something like this. Sorry if its not.

    I've been looking for an answer to this for days now and can't get any. I own a Corolla Sol (E12) 2003 Model.

    Problem No1: I want ot connect an ipod (photo) to my factory head up unit
    Problem No2: I dont want to spend 150-200 Euros for an adaptor (iceLink type or other)
    Thought No 1: Ill rig the whole thing my self. Pluging the ipod where the CD charger is normaly pluged. So far so good
    Action No 1: Ok I took out the whole panel and the Head up Unit and found out what's hidden behind curtin No 1 (lol). I also found all the schematics of the dock connector of the i pod. So I said ok lets do it
    Problem No3: I dont know (and cant find) what is what on the plug of the cd charger on the Head unit. Meaning what is Left right negative positive etc etc etc.
    Thought No 2: I could try via trial and correct.
    Problem No 4: What if it prooves to be trial and pooof... No headup unit.
    Thought No 3: Since I found this wonderfull forum of yours! why dont I ask fr help.

    Action No2: Here I am. Does anyone have an idea (or schematic) what the pins in the CD changer plug on the back of the unit (Matsuhita W58802) are?

    Thanking you in advance and hopping someone outhere has an answer ill be waiting for salvation.


    PS just so there is no misunderstanding i post also photos of the unit.

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    Any more news on this as I am intested.

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    Look for a technical manual, or open her up and see who manufactured it. Chances are you will find its real model number, not toyotas. I did a google search, and all i found was hookers. Your best is going to be the power it up, and use a multi-meter, or something. Also, it may not even be possible, the cd input could be digital, in which case, the icelink is your only real option.
    Also, kenwood and a few other after market deck manufactures make decks with usb ports and/or ipod options, for the same price or less. Honestly though, if it were me, id be the icelink, i wouldnt want to to trial and error and fry my ipod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OmegaAvenger
    I did a google search, and all i found was hookers.

    hookers? theres a good night for you!


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    Hi all again!! First id like to thank all of you who were interested in my problem!! Allthough i could not get an aswer in the end (lol)

    Finally i went icelink and it works perfectly.

    Thx again


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    Well my friend kosta, I don't know if you visit the greek but the last days I figured out how to make a line-in for your radio. There is some soldering and more but it works fine.
    Greetings from GREECE

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