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Thread: DIY IR Receiver

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    DIY IR Receiver

    Here is a link to allow you to make your own IR receiver to work with any 9-pin Serial Port ....

    Untested but looks like it could be useful ...... Also has links to various IR Software
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    Re: DIY IR Receiver

    we have covered this type of IR device in the past.... they do work, but are VERY CPU intensive, since all the decoding/interigation of the incomming IR signal need to be done by the CPU.

    Unlike the IRMan, which uses a PIC chip to handle the bulk of the processing needs, freeing up the CPU and making the whole system a lot more accurate, since the IRMan is dedicated to the one task, unlike using the CPU which has to decode mp3's/divx/etc...

    try ....
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    I might be being redundant, but there is one that is 100% Radio Shack parts...

    Haven't tried it yet.
    See ya!

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    about the all radio shack parts

    i cant find the ir detector module on radio shack would you please help me find a circuit but only radioshack parts ?
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