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Thread: SB Audigy problem

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    SB Audigy problem


    I had an audigy LS and my music when I used other programs and sometimes just when I was running itunes, winamp, zoomplayer... etc the audio would skip......

    I just got a new 24bit audigy and thought it would work and make it better... now sometimes randomly when I play music or movies distortion/skipping is still occuring.... this has beeen a reoccuring problem and I really want it to get fixed.... I tried to download ffshadow - thats not working either.... anyone have suggestions?

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    It may not be the soundcard, it could be the computer itself. What cpu are you using? What OS? Have you checked cpu utilization both before and during mp3 playing? Does the MB have an onboard sound you can try? I'd suspect the Audigys would work ok on another computer so you have to eliminate the other variables first.
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