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Thread: Wireless remote with LCD?

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    Wireless remote with LCD?

    I was looking through Timeline's site and came across this: . It's a wireless serial RF module, which looks like it can transmit serail data wirelessly. I have a Matrix Orbital serial display with integrated keypad, and I'm thinking of using this RF device to create a wireless remote control out of my LCD. I have my home PC connected to my stereo, so I would like to be able to control Winap from anywhere in the house. I currently use a MouseRemote for this, but it's hard when you can't see the display. This way I could use the LCD remote to control Winamp from anywhere and be able to see what I'm doing. Any thoughts on how well this could work?


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    ya know - that just kinda kicks ***. I hope it'd work.. Heck; I don't see why it wouldn't. However 900Mhz devices have experienced a lot of static in my experience.


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