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Thread: MUST READ: Forum Rules

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    There! I posted porn on the site!!

    Boy, I'm sorry Aaron... I just couldn't help it. It'll never happen again! If I didn't post it, someone else would.

    Ha Ha Ha! Now I've posted a porn image! Ha Ha Ha!

    Oh, shoot... Sorry...

    [ 01-31-2002: Message edited by: PatO ]
    CarPC Stolen. Starting over.
    Ne1 recognize the avatar?

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    Hmm, well, it would seem that I was banned.. I like the abailty to log in, so I made a new user name.. I will try not to post as much, but woud also like it if people would talk to my on ICQ and MSN.. Thanx..
    Yeah, so, I got blocked, I like the ability to be able to log in.. I will reduce my posting over the next week or so, as long as my old account gets reactivated... Okay... :)

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    vBulliten: There was some discussion in the past, but I'm not sure how the issue stands with the other Admins. Personally, I prefer Snitz Forums, but vBulliten has more features.

    SkinnyBoy: I didn't ban you, it must have been someone else.
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    Other Admins? I only see two...

    Quote Originally Posted by Tidder View Post
    Hey, as long as it's not any particular race I'm offending, I can stand to be a pedophile.
    All information expressed in this post is my opinion, and should not be regarded as a statement of fact.
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