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    Audio Help

    hey Guys I just finish my project, now the problem that I haveis that?? the Speakers wire (no Sound) bebcause I replace my Radio with the 7" Lilliput LCD TS. What do I need to hook up my Speaker wire to my carPC (speaker Wire) al ready run to the trunk where my PC@ cause I use to have a system I just remove it and leave the wires. this what my Hranesslook like with the color code
    318I BMW E36
    Blue Power Antenna
    Orange Illumination
    Black Chassis Ground
    Red 12 Volt Switched Power
    Yellow 12 Volt Constant Power
    Green Left Rear Speaker Positive
    Green/Black Left Rear Speaker Negative
    Violet Right Rear Speaker Positive
    Violet/Black Right Rear Speaker Negative
    White Left Front Speaker Positive
    White/Black Left Front Speaker Negative
    Gray Right Front Speaker Positive
    Gray/Black Right Front Speaker Negative
    2.3 Gigah Celeron
    120Gig SATA Seagate
    512 DRR Memory
    Lite on DVD Burner
    120 Watts Opus PSU
    7" Lilliput LCD touch S.

    Picture Coming Soon!

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    Sorry, um.. What's the question? I'm assuming you aren't a native English speaker due to your post, so i'll let some of that slide.

    I assume you want to know how to hook up your PC to the car speakers because you ditched the headunit? To do that, you'll need an amplifier. Check the FAQs.

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    will I be Using All 13 wires to my AMP or 12. anyway... I have a two channel Rockford P5002. can it do it or I need twoo AMp or 4 Channel AMP ...when I start the car trying to test the Speaker with D-Battery I still don't get no scrtaching sound. will the amp solve that.

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    The short answer is yes, the AMP will take care of it.
    However, you look like you need some serious help with this project since, you don't seem to know much about wiring, get a friend to help you or do a lot of reading on the subject before you blow up your AMP/PC

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