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Thread: muting head unit audio when carPC outputs audio

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    muting head unit audio when carPC outputs audio

    I'm thinking that my install is going to be a cd head unit and a separate carPC.

    Alpine's H701 processor has a really neat input for 'mixing' nav audio with music. Much like a cell mute. But I'd have to go alpine and it's $$$$$

    How could I accomplish this with other head units? Most head units I see have the ability to mute themselves for a cell phone. If I went with a separate sepeaker for the carPC, what could I do to mute the main stereo?

    Are there any devices that can detect audio on a cabe and trigger a separate signal to mute a stereo?

    Also, what if I want to use the CarPC for mp3 also (or just went with a carPC only)? Does it already today mute the mp3 or xm audio when nav speaks?

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    Can't answer the first part of your question (would first look to see if Alpine sells any accesories for you HU that will mute the audio automatically).

    But as far as the second part.... I use Road Runner and, at least with iGuidance, it'll lower the music volume when iGuidance is giving directions. I don't about other front ends though....
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