Hey all,

Just wanted an opinion on this Compact Flash card:

TwinMos Ultra-X Compact Flash (probably 2GB)

It seems faster than both the SanDisk Ultra2 and Extreme3 - so I'm really just looking for people to back me up on that theory.

I was using a 20MB/Sec USB 2.0 drive, but there is too much hassle involved in getting it to work with windowsXP, so I want to start with a drive that already appears as a FIXED DRIVE to the OS .

I'll be using a CF-IDE adapter (with DMA feature), so it should present the CF card as a non-removable HARDDRIVE to the OS. and from there.. should be a simple matter of GHOSTING onto or installing Win XP to the disk, and running EWF.

and thats all

Thanks for reading.