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Thread: is my 2.5'' hard drive dead ?

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    is my 2.5'' hard drive dead ?

    Hi guys, So far I almost have everything for my car PC. And I ordered a used laptop hard drive WD 60GB 5400 for $63.00 from ebay. and I ordered a cable from mp3car, but when I plug it in, it seem likes not working Then I tried to plug on the computer I am using it right now, and it's still doesn't work either? Is my hd dead ? thanks

    Also, is that hard drive require any software to install it ? thanks I am using windows XP

    here is a 2.5'' hard drive and the cable

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    did you connect the power?

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    Plug it in to your computer and boot into Windows XP. Go to Start menu, Run, and type 'diskmgmt.msc' and hit enter.
    Do you see the drive listed? If it's listed but doesn't show in My Computer, right click on the partitions listed for the disk and either format, if needed, or just assign it an appropriate drive letter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scouse Monkey
    did you connect the power?
    thanks for the remind, I connect the power thingy and it's working now, but I got 1 more problem, at the time I am trying to install a windows XP, So I set the first boot is CD-room. then it took me to installing windows page after like 2 mins, everything loaded up, now it's say "windows is starting up" and it's just stopped there then the whole system is automatic shut down, I tried many times but it's still the same. need help plz...thanks....

    here is my computer:

    Asus A7N8X
    AMD Athlon M 2200
    WD 5400 60GB 2.5''
    Kingston 512MB

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