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Thread: Power issue... 10.6v on +12v rail for HDD...

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    Power issue... 10.6v on +12v rail for HDD...

    So my car computer had been fine for a while, then it started to "hang up" randomly sometimes. So today while working on other stuff I noticed the drive sometimes does not come on with the computer - also, when it does come on with the computer and the computer 'hangs', it's actually the hard drive shutting off power wize. Its like a hard power cut where you hear it click then spin down.

    I measured the +12v rail against ground (molex connector going to the hard drive) and I get only 10.4 - 10.8v. The +5v rail gets 4.96 or about 5v as expected. I am using an EPIA M10000 powered by a Morex 60w PSU connected to a Carnetic 1260 DC-DC PSU... also, I noticed that the +12v wire from the carnetix to the Morex is hotter than other wires back there... but that may be normal?


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    i guess I dont know muhc about the EPIA's, but 60w seems a lil low. Regardless, some of the really cheap PSU's tend to loose voltage/amperage on the rails. I'd be willing to bet you have an ultra cheap PSU and its on its last legs.

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    Measure the voltage at the input of the Morex - then you will know which PSU is giving you trouble. Also, take measurements with the car off and as well as when it's on, for comparison.

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    Rawson - I left the Carnetix PSU unplugged over night (just because if I was going out I didn't want it turning on and burning something out if I didn't notice). Woke up the next day and had some free time - went down to the parking lot of my dorm and plugged it back in to see what happens... 11.6v at the Molex for the hard drive now and the unit worked for the 15 mins i drove to get gas. It didn't have one issue. Hrm. Maybe a loose connection or bad ground? I will have to keep an eye on it.

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