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Thread: Power Supply.

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    Thumbs up Power Supply.

    Just thought Id let everyone know, I just purchased a 140Watt invertor, with no cooling fan and my system is as quiet in the car with the engine running as it is in the house running through my home stereo.
    The powersupply was the last thing I needed to complete my setup, but after reading all the posts about engine noise, and interference from a modified sine wave invertor Id been putting it off until I could find the time to build a DC-DC unit.
    I dont know why I waited so long. Just keep the power wires away from the audio lines and crank those tunes baby!
    BTW Ive had the tunes blasting for almost 30 minutes with the engine off and the car still starts first turn of the key. I might leave it another 30-60 minutes to see how it starts then.

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    Dude i left mine running for 3-4 hours while i was working on the car and battery had no trable starting the car up after.
    The battery itself is not big at all i think its 270CCA. Thats the standard size which go in Lasers!
    Yeah go for DC converter cant go wrong with it!



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