Well, this is my planned system

Advantech PCM-9574 Motherboard (5.25" biscuit) $435
PIII 1ghz ($122)
256mb ram (2 128mb SO Dimms @ $50.99 each)
20gig laptop drive ( ~$50)
slim laptop dvd or a slot load pc dvd
any lcd 7" - 8" 18 bit color
touch pad mouse in center console....

thats what I'm looking to do I currently have a mess of lcds (7.5" kyocera 2 8" nec, 8.5" Fujitsu (PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME FIND A PIN OUT), 9" toshiba, 10.4" kyocera (****ty dstn)... The ideal would be a 8.5 (the fujitsu if I could make it work) as this fits perfect... I'm looking to get this new hardware within the next 2 months or so... I currently ahve the following

Advantech PCM-5862 (k6-2/400, 64meg ram)
Kyocera 7.5" 12-bit color dstn screen
20gig maxtor
8x dvd...

its all sitting on my floor right now not atually in the car this is just way to slow and can't play a divx to save it's life.... so out it goes its not even going to make it into my car Prior to all this I was running a BookPC / Cele 633 / 256 on a 6" ntsc and the quality was just horrible.... can't wait to get my new hardware...

anyway what I want to know is what would you guys recomend for a power solution I want to go DC -> dc but that board requires some power... whats the best deal? Also a shut down unit... link me to some stuff