Ok, As of last week i have been looking into getting a brand new Dodge Magnum.

I Currently Have A M1-ATX that i havnt had a chance to use due to the fact that i broke the motherboard i was going to use it with. I wasnt sure as to the ability of the M1 to be able to power what i wanted, now with the advent of the M2 im thinking of getting one.

Im a nub to the whole car pc stuffs and i had a few technical questions about hardware.

1) Does Anyone Burn Dvd's / Cd's while driving? Any Errors? What Burner Would Everyone Recommend? i have been reading alotta reviews on alotta different things in the last few weeks and im leaning toward just using a full sized dvdrw that i have sitting around my room gathering dust.

2) from what i read nobody mentions the differences in the ohms from computer output to car stereo, wouldnt it make a difference as to the life of your amplifier? i ask this as i have an oldschool SONY XM-2252HX Amp that i cannot find anywhere for anything near the price i origionally payed. i also have a Kicker 4 channel amp (forgot the model number)

3) is it possible to use dual power supplies? like say have one connected to the IGNITION and the other connected in relay with the first? using one to power hdd's / cdroms and the other to power the mainboard????

my reason for this question is im planning on building a sweet computer that might need more then what the M2 has to offer in single use.

4) What GPS ANTENNA is recommended? im thinking of purchasing the roof mount external antenna located in Mp3Car's Store, and would need a high quality card... any recommendations are welcome as i have NEVER used computer based GPS (only AVIC-N1 that i currently have in my chrysler)

thanks in advance for any help given!