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Thread: Can my Carputer handle the summer heat?

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    Question Can my Carputer handle the summer heat?

    I want to wire my computer ( laptop toshiba a25-s07) to always be on wether the ignition is on or not. My dad says that the tempatures in Florida will crash my computer if left on. I dont know how hot it gets, he says its probably 140degrees, and I have no idea what tempature laptops can run at before they overheat,

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    actually it probably depends on what protection it has. I know on my motherboard I can choose between 60, 65, and 70C for the max point of the CPU temperature. after that it shuts it off.. On real hot days (not summer) I've had it up to 55-60 so it's reaching that point but it will be alright..

    and why do you want to keep it on all the time? that doesn't make any sense


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    Mine can't. It's starting to crash again....I'm going to need to work on the ventilation some more...


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    I've had my m10000 for nearly a year in Miami. It hasn't died of heat yet and I just keep it in the trunk. No fancy cooling systems beyond a pair of small case fans and a CPU fan.
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    Because the fanless works best when the temperature surrounding the fins of the heatsinks is cooler then the temperature you want to dissipate. In a car during the summer the inside can easily reach 140 degrees F in some places this can very on the color the car is painted, the interior color and the darkness of any window tint. Using fans increases the air flow which decreases the general temperature within the fans air current.
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