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Thread: My Dc-Dc psu needs help.

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    Post My Dc-Dc psu needs help.

    Ok, I made my PSU according to the directions at:

    I get +12 and +5, but my -12 output is giving me around -5.2

    It uses the MAX775 for the -12, has anyone else had a problem like this? can anyone tell me why this would happen? this is the ONLY thing keeping my MP3 player from being finished.

    And if you can't help me, Where can I buy a prebuilt Dc-Dc powersupply? cause Im about fed up with this one.

    Paul Giblock

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    I had this happen to me before with a similar design. My problem was I forgot to solder one side of a capacitor. Double-check all your wiring, especially the capacitors. Make sure the polarity on the diodes and capacitors is correct.

    I always run my circuits through a 100 ohm resistor or a fuse when I power them up for the first time. If the fuse blows or the resistor gets hot, I disconnect it and check for wiring errors.

    This has saved me from my own mistakes many times.

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