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Thread: My "NEW" GPS says i'm sinking?

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    My "NEW" GPS says i'm sinking?

    I just got a rand mcnally streetfinder delux 2000
    since i started it the altude has slowly droped from 185' to 110' and mapped a trail three times around my house with a quick trip to my neighbors garrage (musta had to take a leak)
    Anyone else ever have this happen?
    I only get 5-6 sat signals at 50-70% strength. Is this enough?

    down to 45' Soon I'll be waterfront!

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    Re: My "NEW" GPS says i'm sinking?

    cant help with a solution.... but you sure gave me a good larf!!!
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    Re: My "NEW" GPS says i'm sinking?

    Originally posted by jboy
    I only get 5-6 sat signals at 50-70% strength. Is this enough?

    down to 45' Soon I'll be waterfront!
    I'm not 100% certain but I think GPS should work with 3 or more sat signals, due to triangulation.

    Might be worth fitting an out board to your car!
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    I used a hand held garmin GPS a few years ago and I recall it not being terribly accurate with elevations. Almost always off by several hundred feet. Horizontal accuracy is typically good down to a few meters, but this can improve if they have the sensitivities turned up on the satelites. (Military action going on right now, so you'd think they'd have it cranked up to full...)
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    I could be completely mistaken, but a military gps, besides being quite a bit more expensive than your average gps, also have the ability to use the completely accurate data that the satelites send (yes, they turned off the largest scrambling back in 2000, but I was under the impression that there was still some uncertancy introduced into the signal for civilian use).

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    That is normal.

    Even the Mil-spec GPS is only so accurate. If you are moving, then it can do math and get a fairly accurate position.

    If you are standing still, it is still doing the same math, but a couple of decimal points error in one of the 3 axis (6 directions) causes your gps's location to move . The average (center perhaps) of all these points is still pretty accurate, but it will drift a bit.

    The more satellites you are receiving the more accurate the math will be, If you have a gps signal on a ground station at an exact latitude and longitude, you increase your accuracy a bunch...but who can afford one of those.

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    Pretty much what Dodge said.

    There's inaccuracies, particularly when not in motion. When in motion it will be more accurate. In any case, elevation will be off by more than any other. More satellites will increase your accuracy also.

    The average of all your positions when stationary will show your true position at the accuracy you'd expect.
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    Just as a sidenote - Anybody who is purchasing a new GPS unit should buy one with WAAS (wide area augmentation system) built-in .. it allows for 3m accuracy .. the WAAS is currently active and my Garmin eXtrex Venture locks to 3m up in Ottawa (the WAAS _is_ somewhat area dependant .. almost full US coverage and lower portion of Canada)

    If you're really crazy about elevation there is a Garmin model with an altimiter built-in ;-)

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