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    I have currently around 1200 mp3's and I was looking into a CD-RW/CD-R in dash player, but found you guys with a computer actually in the car and figured its MUCH cooler to have that. (more options). Anyway, I want to get started on this ASAP and I want to have it looking really clean - I don't want it to look like joe schmoe did it with wires everywhere. I have some computer skills (i'm a web designer) but I know nothing about electronics. Can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction?

    I'm also curious is it possible to keep my current in-dash CD player as well as have the computer running to the speakers. I want to have a small screen upfront that I can control my music from (an LCD screen). Someone help me.

    if you have any questions for me go ahead and shoot.



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    Been here?

    Best place for ideas.

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    yes i agree, have a look at the examples of mp3cars (main site). Also some of the pages are part of the mp3car webring (different to this site) i know my site is, have a look at the nav bar at the bottom of the site

    this is where i got all my ideas from

    My plans and progress on my install Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
    Australian mp3car Portal
    mp3car related links Check them out / Add some
    mp3car FAQ - RTFF

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    its funny your first paragraph on your website describes EXACTLY my feelings...will look further into the site...thanks...anymore info would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    its all about possibilities. The posts above are right. You have to do a little research on your own and then you need to be creative. Second you need to have a budget in mind. A budget will affect what you can do to some extent, but more importantly, how fast you can do it. For instance, I have spent several months researching, and looking on the internet for what i want at a price i want to pay. there are companies that you can just order all this stuff from if you are will to pay $2500+.

    Second is what do you want. If you look around you will see that the possibilities are endless. Besides having your entire music collection available at you fingers, guys have GPS, internet access, gaming, DVD, security, vehicle diagnosticas and monitoring, some of us are even throwing around the idea of controlling the temperature with our PC. So really its just up to your imagination.

    I am very concerned also about how my system will look. I am not a car freak, but i do have a new vehicle and i don't want wires and modules and fans hanging out all over. I want my install to be clean and professional as do you, so that will affect the decisions you make.

    One final thing, which is usually the biggest decision, is the screen. Some guys go with a small character based LCD and some guys want a color monitor lcd screen. If you do want to go with the bigger color monitor, you have to figure out how to mount it and how to drive it. Also, shy away from the usual in-car color LCD modules you see. Most of them are not VGA quality, and wont look very good at computer resolutions. (although there are some tricks around this too)

    if you have AIM message me and i can give
    you some links to get started. otherwise i can post a few here. Think about the above things and research for a couple days to get the imaginative juices flowing, then start getting ready to build your system.

    AIM id: 'plaiming2'

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