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Thread: max cpu temps on a via epia board

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    max cpu temps on a via epia board

    i just moved my carpc into my trunk. under the floorboard and mat to be exact. i never had mbm installed before when it was under my seat to see how hot its gotten, but yesterday the CPU temp read about 85c.. thats 185F degrees. not good, when the recommended safe max temp is like 50c. and i live in new orleans btw. nice and hot/muggy right now and its going to get a lot worse.

    so since i cant find a thread where people say what they've consistantly run their cpus at without failure/lockups, im asking now.

    i just threw in a really loud case fan. modified everything so it pushes air from the cab via a tube, through the slimline dvd drive slot into the case.. as a temporary solution.

    im goin to make a custom case out of wood or fiberglass because the morex case gets very hot to the touch. im sure this will bring temps down a lot. plus design some kind of airflow scheme to where most of the air is being pushed over the motherboard on the cpu side. but i need to know what a good goal to get to would be without having to put a bunch of these REALLY loud *** fans in my car. it sounds like i have a hairdryer in my trunk (oh and its a hatchback, so theres nothing to dampen the noise)

    also are there any other basic tips for keeping the pc cool like buying a windshield shade (im doing that today anyway) and maybe leaving windows down a crack?


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    I have an epia mII which according to speedfan runs at 40-43C for the CPU.

    It's in a home made aluminium case with a golfball 80mm silent fan getting rid of the heat.

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    40 - 43 is blow the manuf. recommended 50c max. im assuming you can go past 50c alright and via is just cutting down on returns.. im well above that. today i was at 62c playing mp3s and 70 if i run the visualization (i use frodoplayer with a little vis window). im getting a pci soundcard geforce 4 in this week so im hoping that takes some processing load off of the cpu, at least with the vis. im going to really put my thinking cap on when designing a case for this thing. i want to cool the processor area and hard drive all using an intake and exhaust fan.

    anyone else with stable high temps?

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    Mine's stable to about 74C I'm set to autoshutdown if it goes over 72 for more than 5 seconds. In the winter mine runs in the 40-50 range and summer I get into the low to mid 60s.

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