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Thread: Someone please help this old fart

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    Someone please help this old fart

    Okay, I'm trying to build a new CarPC for my daughter's car. I'm using an EPIA Mini ITX which worked a treat in my BMW and on the bench. I've since stripped it out of the old case cos I need to do something different. Trying to check it out on the bench with no case - just everything cabled together, when I power up I get a long BEEP - silence - long Beep. I'm sure this is something really ****in' stupid but it's driving me .

    Any help gratefully received.


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    hmmm, I used to own an EPIA. What model is it? Doesn't happen to be an 800 mhz one?

    I recommend you search the Inet for error codes. My Epia 800 did something similar and I looked up the code. It was something about the jumpers or memory. Can't remember what that code means off the top of my head, and I don't remember where I found the codes on the Internet.

    Sorry I couldnt be of more help. GL!

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    Sorted thanks - Reseated RAM

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