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Thread: AudioVox FM-modulator

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    Question AudioVox FM-modulator

    I bought an AudioVox FM modulator for my mp3 computer. When I hooked it up, I had to turn up the stereo half way to even hear anything.
    I called the place I bought it from, they told me I need to boost the signal going from the sound-card to the FM-modulator.
    Then I looked at the documentation, and they said to use only "Line Level" signals as anything else will cause static and stuff.
    I can't take it back, as my grandpa cut the end of the Ground-cable when I was installing it! Any tips on getting it to work?
    I can get a 59$ amp from radio-shack that I can power off my Inverter.

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    Try putting a line driver between the computer and the FM modulator.

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    I had that exact modulator.
    I didn't have that problem though, and I used
    it with
    Sound Blaster 32 and Sound Blaster 16.
    Sounds like there could be something wrong with it.
    Some (older) soundcards have a jumper to enable onboard amplification, you could try that.
    The output of a soundcard is more then line level, but not that much more.
    It should be working.
    Double check your installation.

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