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Thread: Static Noise

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    Static Noise

    I'm in the middle of my install. I've got the monitor glued/screwed in the dash, the PC is still in the basement. I'm going to be running a HUless setup. I wasn't sure if the rear speakers in the car were run off the amp or the headunit I had in the car so I hooked up a stereo to the amp with an rca splitter and while it turns out that fronts and rears are both powered by the amp as I wanted, the new Cadence components I put in the front are giving off a bad static noise. Is this just because the stereo isn't a clean signal or do I now have a ground loop problem? The pc isn't even in the car yet so I don't know how this happened. Theres no new wires run through the car except for the VGA and USB extension cables going from the dash area to the trunk. I don't think they are causing the problem but i dunno maybe??

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    One other question, how are my amps going to turn on? Does the PC send them a signal through the audio card or what? I never searched about that so I dont know

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