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Thread: Newby HD questions

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    Newby HD questions

    Building my first CarPC.
    M1000 MB
    ZoomPC case
    M1-ATX PS
    512 MB Ram
    8" touch screen (generic Ebay)
    Working on CD

    And now the problem. I had planned to use a 20GB HD from a defunct Toshiba 1805 notebook. I had planned to use a 40 pin tp 44 pin IDE cable.

    When I went to put things together I found the HD has some weird connector. It is a Toshiba MK2016GAP HD and I could find much info about the interface. One web site listed a ATA-4 interface but I can't find much about this. Does anyone know how I can connect this drive? Do I have to just plunk down some bucks for a new one?

    Another question I couldn't find in the FAQ ect. What do I have to do to get windows (XP or Media bot sure yet) to shut down when the the M1-ATX is shutting down?

    Thanks guys.

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    The M1ATX sends a signal to the motherboard to initiate shutdown by simulating a press of the power button.

    Check the drive and make certain there's not an adapter already on the drive. A lot of laptop manufacturers put on an adapter for their needs. Not a guarantee, but hope it helps.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Well I did that first I could't believe it wouldn't work. If there is any thing there it is attached to the notebook MB and I haven't taken that out.


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    Hey I just looked again ther was an adapter pushed onto the HD. I would have never seen it .

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