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Thread: need recommendation on laptop sound card (pcmcia)

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    Question need recommendation on laptop sound card (pcmcia)

    I have an IBM thinkpad 560E and want to use it as a car mp3 player.. recently, i tried hooking up its out-line to my amp and the output sounded horrible ... is there a way i can resolder parts of it perhaps.. and if not, what is a good sound card I could use?
    (i'm using MPXF under dos.. the laptops has a built in ESS1688 chip.. the line out isnt truly a line out but a headphone out with volume control .. once hooked up to amp, the output is horribly distorted and the gain seems really low)
    also, I just acquired a Pioneer Premier P400 and am getting the RB20 ip-bus to RCA converter.. if i hook up the laptop out to that, will the stereo do enough of a cleaning job on the signal??


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    From what I understand you will need a sound card that actually has an output line. None of this headphone stuff! The deck won't clean any of the distortion out of a headphone jack. As for a laptop sound card I wouldn't be the one to ask.


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