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Thread: DEI 528T ignition delay wiring question

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    Update: If anyone else need help with (Amp delay + Dei 528T relay) Pm me and I can help or message back here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M_Dub View Post
    I gave up on the 528T. It simply wasn't working right.
    I found it actually easier to build this circuit for my application.

    This is JUST a delayed turn off.
    What sort of a delay Turn Off will this provide ? I'm looking for maybe 5 minutes. I have a CarPC made from an Atom based Thin Client PC equipped with an SSD. I have it connected directly to the 12v via an Auto Relay as in the picture and it works well but I would like to set it up with a Delay Shut Down of maybe 5 mins so that, if I went into a petrol station, turning off the ignition would leave the unit powered up long enough for me to get back to the car with the PC still on.


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    For such long delays you'd need a FET.

    Have a look at's OFF After Delay Switch by Mosfet.
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    or a PAC TR7

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